Employer Basics

So you're in need of staff, but you're not quite sure how to proceed. We've written a number of fantastic articles to help you throughout the process. Ranging from Interview tips to handling job rejections, we're here to help you through step by step.

Get started by looking at our latest Employer Articles:

A comprehensive guide to Interviewing

At the most important stage of the recruitment process, its easy for both you and the candidate to feel the pressure, this is the time to see how they are going to fit and hopefully thrive in your company.

Managing your team Effectively

Having the opportunity to motivate and inspire the people around you is an incredibly rewarding position to be in, but how do you go about managing your team effectively?

Assessing CV's

At first thought, receiving a large number of CV's sounds like a good thing until you have to start going through them all, however, there is an simple method to assess CV's and we'll show you how.